May 26th, 2024
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Winning prizes from online draws ultimately is a game of chance. You can't win if you don't enter - but - you can give yourself the best chances of winning by doing things correctly.

While maximizing your winning chances of winning ultimately comes down to three things:

  • - How often you enter (daily, once a week, once a month, etc)
  • - How many different unique of sweepstakes you enter
  • - How difficult it is to enter the sweepstakes

There are things that you can do to get that slight edge, giving you the best odds of making you declared the winner. People who have used strategies outlined in this guide have won consistently. People using the strategies outlined in this guide have won large cash prizes of $10,000 or more. People using the strategies in this guide have won won VIP vacation packages, unique experiences, and vehicles, plus many smaller prizes as well.

And while some degree of luck is required - to prove it's not just a one-time thing - did you know that there are actually prize conventions where people share there winning stories, are asked in the audience to stand up if they've won 1 car? If they've won 2 cars? If they've won 3,4, 5? And that in some of these conventions, a small number of people are still standing after being asked if they've won 10 or more cars in their lifetime? There are also people who have won more than one large cash prize, more than several vacations, and so forth.

There is one man who attends these conventions who has won over 200 vacations in his lifetime. That's like 5 years of your life doing nothing but going on exotic trips, staying at the best hotels, going on the nicest cruise ships, and eating the best food. His wife actually asks him if they can 'just stay home' sometimes because they vacation so much. While it's possible he's one of the luckiest men on earth - there's also a possibility that he is implementing very specific strategies to give him the best chances of being that lucky. He was one the people interviewed as to what works, when putting together this guide.

This strategy guide is a succinct, straight to the point guide of what works and gives you the best winning chances, after having interviewed hundreds of these types of winners.

This guide:

  • Expands on the three core principles of maximizing your winning chances, and how to use them best to give you the best chances of winning. Why difficult sweepstakes can be better to enter, what type of strategy you should use in entering, and so forth.
  • Teaches you how to think outside of the box to recognize winning opportunities that you don't even realize are there. Entering ballot-type of prize competitions is not the only way of winning.
  • Explains how you can work with sponsors who give away prizes to maximize your winning chances, or in some cases, even get things for free without even having to enter
  • Lets you in on secret tips that can give you an edge to winning prizes from facebook, versus online entries, versus offline strategies such as radio phone-in prizes.
  • Strategies on how to recognize low entry count, or rather - high chances of you winning - prize entries, and when to enter them.
  • Plus much more.

This guide is definitely worth the read if you want to give yourself the best chances of winning. It is only $19.

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Enjoy! And once you become a winner, share your winning story with us!